GCBR Position: Learning and Evaluation Specialist

Reporting to the Chief Executive, holds responsibility for drawing and communicating lessons from the GCBR’s work through projects which have learning investments linked to an evaluation system.

R420 000 per annum based in Riversdale/Mossel Bay

The GCBR recognises that the diversity of projects to be implemented within the overall programme seldom have proven pathways within uncertain conditions.  This situation makes adaptation an important demand on management and valuable source of learning.  When set against performance standards and milestones associated with monitoring and evaluation, learning can also provide information required for accountability.  This function therefore calls for a combination of a wide breadth of exposure to assessment of types of development - including ecological and social measures - allied to analytic capabilities that can assess GCBR’s programme-level progress and performance. 

 Typical tasks and responsibilities are:

  • Act as a resource for core staff and project managers on how to adopt and apply learning methods and approaches.
  • Contract and oversee technical specialists’ inputs to establish (project) evaluation systems.
  • Provide a contact point and interface for e-based project reporting systems.
  • Review the quality of field reporting against agreed measures and advise on improvement.
  • Produce inputs for periodic reports on GCBR’s performance and lessons learned.
  • Represent the GCBR in forums and events dedicated to learning and evaluation.
  • Maintain peer networks to learn from and inform the wider professional field.
  • Provide information on GCBR’s experiences as inputs for training materials prepared and disseminated by the VanWyksdorp Development Institute and others.
  • Identify and extract information of interest and use by volunteers, GCBR members, partners, policy makers and the general public.
  • Advice on adoption of improvements in learning systems developed elsewhere.
  • Advise management on the functioning and use of internal information systems.
  • Advise on learning and evaluation as part of project development, design and grant prospecting.
  • Act as a point person for collaboration on research and studies, as well as management of interns.


  1. This position fulfils a critical role in ensuring the effectiveness of the GCBR’s approach to what it does for the biosphere reserve and its people – learning when doing – where curiosity is an advantage.
  2. Detailed information about the GCBR can be found at www.gouritz.com with additional background at http://gouritz.com/file/repository/GCBR_recruitment_background.pdf
  3. Employment conditions to be negotiated.
  4. It would be expected of candidates to be subjected to thorough evaluations. Previous and current employers and references will be contacted. Verification will be done on his/her qualifications, criminal- and credit record. The candidate will be required to disclose all financial interests. Original qualification certificates must be produced at any resultant interviews.
  5. Applications should be based on a written motivation of maximum 2 pages. Concentrating on achievements, this document should set out a compelling case for interview accompanied by supporting documents, such as a curriculum vitae, independent references (including their e-mail addresses), samples of written work, links to video clips and whatever else helps demonstrates suitability for the post.  Of particular interest is information that communicates the sort of outcomes of relevance to the GCBR’s goals that qualifications and experience have generated. 
  6. All applications and materials must be submitted electronically to recruit@gouritz.com.

CLOSING DATE:  Friday 19th January 2018.

Please note: Short-listed applicants will be informed of the outcome of the selection process on completion thereof.  The Board reserves the right not to make an appointment.

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