Green Butterflies focussing on botanical garden, seedlings and waste management

On Friday, the 13th April 2018, we visited the Green Butterflies in Vanwyksdorp to offer support to the club. Their main projects are:

  • BOTANICAL GARDEN PROJECT. The work on the botanical garden has begun, with the learners clearing out all the deadwood from the garden and creating a pathway. Material to use to label the plants is being investigated. The material must be both re-cycled and cost effective, as well as maintain a visual effect and be favourable to the environment. The name tags will be written by the learners themselves.
  • WASTE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM. This project has become a program that the whole school is running. It is integrating itself into the “new” ethos of the school. The learners together with Jobs for Carbon team have had a few massive clean-ups under the mentorship of Andre Britz from the GCBR.
  • SEEDLING PROJECT. The seedlings project was born from the idea of community food gardens. For the learners of a school it is much easier to look after seeds than a patch. It can have a very good market in a small rural town. The whole school can be involved in the growth of their own town and their own school – in the form of a seedling project. The Green Club Schools Project is sponsored by DOB and the Landmark Foundation.

Green Butterflies sowing seeds for food garden.
(Photo: Monica Vaccaro)

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