Mrs Yvette Potgieter

GCBR Board Director
Board Director since 10 April 2018

Yvette Potgieter has had over 30 years of work experience in a very dynamic and competitive marketing industry mostly working with television and radio, but she has also had experience with newspapers and magazines. Her last position was as Events and Sponsorship Manager: SABC Corporate Marketing.

Yvette’s main focus areas involved management of large and quality events, working with local and international events and people, above the line, below the line and direct marketing, project management and media.

Yvette has a creative quality and the ability to optimise situations, including the ability to take a project from concept to final execution. She enjoys problem analysis: breaking problems into constituent parts and differentiating key elements from the irrelevant or trivial, making accurate use of logic and drawing sound inferences from information available. Planning and organisational ability are also a skills asset, i.e. attention to detail.

Yvette won several prestigious advertising awards locally and internationally for SABC Trade Marketing and Radio.

Yvette Potgieter - Director - Gouritz Cluster Biosphere Reserve

Yvette is inspired daily by her husband Thomas and their two sons. In her free time, Yvette likes yoga, walking, socialising with friends, cooking and she has also completed a couple of wine courses.