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Erosion: Actions That Move The Earth

Erosion is a process that happens when natural forces like wind and water wear away the earth's surface. Erosion can happen slowly over a long period of time, or it can happen quickly during a storm or other extreme weather event. It's a natural process that helps...

The Parts Of Plants And What They Do

Author: Boudine Kruger Plants are essential to life on Earth; they are important for our survival and well-being and have enormous ecological, economic and cultural values. Without plants, nothing else on earth would be able to survive and thrive. Plants are made up...

8 Fun Facts About Fynbos Flowers

Author: Boudine Kruger Fynbos is a special group of plants that only grows in the Western and Eastern Cape of South Africa. They have adapted to survive in this unique environment. Here are some more fun facts about Fynbos: Fynbos Flowers Come In Many Different...
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A few pics from a GRR site inspection


Call for Two Year Internships  The Groen Sebenza Phase II Programme is a bridging into work programme funded to the value of R300m for the next three years. GS Phase II aims to recruit 1050 unemployed graduates (diploma – PhD level) and place them nationally...

GCBR Teambuilding Session
Spanbou sessie

Spanbou sessie

Gedig geskryf deur: Kabous Albertyn Watter lekker dag het ons ervaarongelukkig was dit te gou vir ons klaarspanbou het ons gehoudie mense het amper vergeet om te "kou"sprekers het gepraat en ervaring gedeeldit was lekker en niemand was verveelCalitzdorp se span het...

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Inspired by Nature Art Exhibition
Inspired by nature

Inspired by nature

Author: Linda Fletcher “In every walk with nature one receives far more than one seeks”John Muir The Gouritz Cluster Biosphere Reserve (GCBR) spans over 3 187 893 hectares from Montagu in the West to Willowmore in the East, and Prince Albert in the North to Still...