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To become an Affinity Group Member, please fill out the form below.
After submission, please continue to purchase* your Membership via our online portal.

Alternatively, you can download the membership form, and send it to You will be prompted to make an EFT.  Cash and cheque deposits are not accepted.
*You will only be added as a member after payment.

Affinity Groups are civic groups or organisations who support and identify with the aims of the GCBR. Such groups can become GCBR Affinity Group members, thereby strengthening the network of like-minded groups and organisations in the Biosphere Reserve. GCBR Affinity Groups help to promote citizen efforts that advance GCBR’s vision of People and Nature Living in Harmony.

Associate members

An associate member is any member (in any of the above categories) whose previous commitment has not been renewed within the year. Full membership can be reinstated at any time.

Benefits: On the distribution list for e-Newsletters.


1. Voting rights.
2. Letter of Acknowledgement.
3. On the distribution list for e-Newsletters.
4. Listed on the GCBR website.
5. Use of GCBR Affinity Member logo.
6. Networking opportunities and exposure through GCBR social media channels.
7. Opportunities for collaboration with GCBR in activities.
8. Invitations to and possibilities to speak at GCBR events.

Annual membership fee: R500

As a member of the GCBR, I/my organisation subscribe(s) to the ideals of the GCBR and UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere (MAB) programme. By signing below, I/we commit to: - doing what I/we can to help make the GCBR an effective and respected champion of People and Nature Living in Harmony within the domain; - taking responsibility for the ecological footprint I/we make; - using sustainability as a guide to thinking about what I/we do and why.

Affinity Group Membership