Business Member of the GCBR

Business Membership

To become a Business Member, please fill out the form below.
After submission, please continue to purchase* your Membership via our online portal.

Alternatively, you can download the membership form from the bottom of this page, and send it to You will be prompted to make an EFT. Cash and cheque deposits are not accepted.
*You will only be added as a member after payment.

Annual membership fee: R1500


A Business member promotes the GCBR and its goals in its own business practice.


1. Signs the Statement of Commitment.
2. Provides the GCBR with a simple proposal as to what sustainability actions/ measures the business will undertake which advance the ethos of the Biosphere Reserve.
3. Is willing to raise awareness about GCBR, for example in their own business e-news, through distribution of GCBR Newsletter to their staff, etc.



1. Voting rights.
2. Business Member Certificate.
3. Hardcopy of the GCBR Yearbook.
4. On the distribution list for e-Newsletters and other electronic communications.
5. Invitation by email to GCBR events, such as Forum meetings.
6. Listed on the GCBR website.
7. The Business member may exhibit the official “Business Partner of GCBR” sign, Business Member Certificate, etc., in its offices, in its own communication materials and as otherwise agreed in writing (in all cases consistent with GCBR corporate identity).

As a member of the GCBR, I/my organisation subscribe(s) to the ideals of the GCBR and UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere (MAB) programme. By signing below, I/we commit to: - doing what I/we can to help make the GCBR an effective and respected champion of People and Nature Living in Harmony within the domain; - taking responsibility for the ecological footprint I/we make; - using sustainability as a guide to thinking about what I/we do and why.

6 + 5 =

Business Membership – R1500