Become a Sponsor

Sponsorship is a practical way of ‘belonging’ to the GCBR. As a sponsor you subscribe and commit to the GCBR’s vision for our region. You are also willing to create awareness about the GCBR among your staff and your networks.

The GCBR recognises two types of sponsorship – Activity and Organisational. Both types of sponsors are given public recognition for their contribution on various GCBR platforms.


  • You can become an Activity Sponsor if you are willing to provide goods, services and other resources to the GCBR at no cost or at a highly subsidised rate, as a contribution to specific GCBR projects or to help GCBR meet specific needs. Activity Sponsorships are negotiated on a case by case basis.
  • An Organisational Sponsor supports the GCBR organisation as a whole by providing a tax-deductible general financial subsidy. You can choose your preferred level of sponsorship from the following sponsorship classes.
R 3 000 and above
R 8 000 and above
R 15 000 and above
R 35 000 and above
R 50 000 and above
If you wish to become a GCBR Sponsor, please feel free to get in touch by providing us with your contact details below so that we can discuss your preferences directly with you.

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