February 2019

(Note: In this policy, Sponsorship does not refer or apply to organisations providing (project) grant funding, typically referred to as ‘donors’.)

Sponsorship Goal

To provide incentives for organisations to sponsor the GCBR’s work, and to build or strengthen mutually beneficial links between the Biosphere Reserve and the private sector, in support of GCBR’s vision of People and Nature Living in Harmony. This policy is mainly directed at private companies but can also apply to public sector organisations.

Statement of Commitment

As a member of the GCBR, I/my organisation subscribe(s) to the ideals of the GCBR and UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere (MAB) programme.

By signing below, I/we commit to:

  • doing what I/we can to help make the GCBR an effective and respected champion of People and Nature Living in Harmony within the domain;
  • taking responsibility for the ecological footprint I/we make;
  • using sustainability as a guide to thinking about what I/we do and why.

Acceptance by digital signature updated annually.

Being Part of the GCBR

Alongside membership, sponsorship is a practical way of ‘belonging’ to the GCBR, respecting the many motivations for doing so. Sponsor relationships seek to find and make real complementarities that advance the interests of all parties. A starting point is a sponsors’ commitment to not just the vision but also matching the ethics driving the GCBR’s way of working and relating.

GCBR will assess a potential sponsorship relationship based on:

  • Recognition of the Sponsor and any affiliates as responsible, reputable and capable, whose name and identity would enhance the sponsored activity as well as the public image and standing of the GCBR.
  • Willingness of the Sponsor to create awareness about the GCBR among their staff via their internal company communications.
  • The ability of the GCBR to fulfil the specific obligations involved.
  • A positive assessment of any risks involved.

Sponsorship Types

The GCBR recognises two types of sponsorship, activity and organisational. All sponsors are asked to sign the GCBR Statement of Commitment. Sponsorship can be declined or terminated if there is compelling evidence of behaviour that is in breach of the commitment.

Activity Sponsor

An activity sponsor enters into agreement to:

(i) provide goods, services and other resources to the GCBR at no cost or at a highly subsidised rate, as a contribution to specific projects and other needs/ activities; and/ or

(ii) collaborate on joint initiatives that further the GCBR’s overall goals; and/ or

(iii) support the development and capabilities of GCBR staff.


1. Signs the Statement of Commitment.

2. Signs a Sponsorship Agreement.

Benefits: For an agreed period:

1. sponsor’s logo, other images, details of their assistance and so on are made public by GCBR: for example, in the supported project, on GCBR products if relevant, profiled at GCBR events, included in media communications, feature on the GCBR website.

2. opportunities to view the supported activity or take part in visits to the supported project.

Activity Sponsorships are negotiated on a case by case basis.

Financial sponsorships to the GCBR receive a S18A tax deduction receipt.

Organisational Sponsor

An organisational sponsor enters into a mutually beneficial relationship with the GCBR, in terms of a general financial subsidy for an agreed period, supporting the organisation as a whole.


1. Signs the Statement of Commitment.

2. Signs a Sponsorship Agreement.

Benefits: For an agreed period:

1. The GCBR ascribes its endorsement to the sponsor and its (selected) products.

2. The sponsor may exhibit the GCBR’s logo, Sponsorship Certificate, etc., in its offices, in its own communication materials and as otherwise agreed in writing.

3. Acknowledgement of support on the GCBR website and in the GCBR Yearbook.

4. Invitation to present at GCBR related events, take part and gather (commercial) information from project visits.

5. Reduced GCBR individual membership rate for staff of organisational sponsors.

6. S18A tax deduction receipt for the sponsorship amount.

Organisational Sponsorship Levels: Optional according to structure below.

Organisational sponsorship categories reflect the diversity of natural systems in the GCBR: its Waterways, its Geology, its Mammals, its Marine environment and its Birds.

Sponsorship Classes

“Gouritz River Sponsor”

R 50 000 and above

“Swartberg Mountain Sponsor”

R35 000 and above

“Cape Mountain Zebra Sponsor”

R 15 000 and above

“Great White Shark Sponsor”

R 8 000 and above

“Black Oystercatcher Sponsor”

R 3 000 and above

An Organisational Sponsor receives a framed Sponsorship Certificate that depicts the sponsorship class in an attractive graphical design. The certificate will specify the calendar year in which the sponsorship was made and will be valid for one year.

Approved by GCBR Board of Directors – 13 February 2019