GCBR Flexible Micro Fund

Does your community have a small initiative to improve the environment?

Maybe the GCBR Flexible Micro Fund can help.


By providing small grants, the Flexible Micro Fund enables the GCBR Board of Directors to support voluntary initiatives in the Biosphere Reserve which advance GCBR’s vision of People and Nature Living in Harmony. It is a responsive funding mechanism that stimulates citizens working together for ecological sustainability. The Fund currently has a total value of R100 000 per annum.


Any GCBR member (except for current Board members or their organisations) can apply for this type of support. Proposed initiatives should address a specific need, be meaningful for the community or group involved, and be relevant to at least two of GCBR’s six priority themes.


Applications can be made throughout the year and directed to the Board Secretary (admin@gouritz.com). Applications which meet selection criteria and are within the available Fund balance, will be referred to the Board for a decision. The GCBR aims to reply to applications within 14 days.


A proposal should be a maximum of two pages. It should

  1. indicate who is responsible;
  2. provide a short motivation, description of the action, and budget;
  3. specify expected achievements; how they will be demonstrated and reported; and
  4. explain any risks.

Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

  1. The recipient must be a GCBR member.
  2. The proposed initiative takes place in the GCBR domain.
  3. The proposed initiative is relevant to at least two of the GCBR’s priority themes and goals.
  4. The proposed initiative supports voluntary action and citizens working together.
  5. The recipient is willing to provide feedback and photographic evidence of the action for GCBR use in marketing and communications.

GCBR – Priority Themes and Goals

Theme Goal
i. Land and Landscapes Sustainable use and landscape management which promotes maintenance of ecosystems
ii. Water Resources Significant improvement in water resource management
iii. Biodiversity The loss of indigenous biodiversity is arrested
iv. Economic Diversity and Livelihoods A more diverse economy within the Biosphere Reserve, adding value to the natural assets on farms and stimulates the green economy
v. Education, Knowledge and Learning More people in the GCBR domain embrace sustainable living practices in their daily lives
vi. Institutions and their Relations Enhanced engagement of institutions with biodiversity in the Reserve