Herbertsdale Green Roses moving forward

Sep 2, 2017 | Project News

During June, the grade 6 and 7 learners of Herbertsdale held their first meeting as the Green Club.  They have decided to call their club Green Roses, this decision was unanimous and therefore they will from now be referred to as The Green Roses.

The various teams were asked to put a list together of tools/materials needed to facilitate their tasks.  It was impressive to see how they listed real essential tools such as wheelbarrows, polish, handy andy etc. The list was well thought and it had demonstrated real engagement with their positions.

The learners raised funds for the club by charging R5 at the gate for parking at the annual Bazaar. This was an initiative by one of the learners and raised R172.

This initiative will be rewarded with a green credit. Green credits are cumulative and there are rewards for the most green credits accumulated in a two year run.

Herbertsdale Green Roses
(Photo: Monica Vaccaro) 

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