not_listed_location WATERWISE WAYS
Workshops on water waste and climate change.
Repair of leaking taps and pipes.
Skills development in repairs and maintenance.
Reduction in water loss and bills.
not_listed_location WATERWISE WAYS
Redesign of the sewage works using plant species.
Monitoring water quality.
Harvesting quality compost.
Micro farm and tree nursery.
Skills development and employment.
not_listed_location WATERWISE WAYS
Repair of leaking pipes, taps and toilets.
Reduce water use and bills.
Locals trained and empowered as municipal water wardens
Wetland at municipal sewage works
Discharging effluent into natural water ways.
Delivering practical skills development courses
to participants from underprivileged communities.
Co-establish a multifunctional training facility
and knowledge bank in Vanwyksdorp
not_listed_location GOUKOU RESILIENT RIVER
700 hectare mountain
catchment and 350 hectare
lowland riverine habitat cleared
of invasive alien plants.