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A call for corporate funding support of GCBR’s practical on the ground work.

What is the GCBR?

The Gouritz Cluster Biosphere Reserve (GCBR)
is a voluntary citizens’ initiative dedicated to the conservation of its region’s biodiversity, tied to the socio-economic development for the wellbeing of its peoples. Governed by members, it is a registered non-profit company with the tax status of a public benefit organisation. UNESCO has designated the region as a place of major biodiversity significance for the planet.

The GCBR aims to be a catalyst for change towards solving one of sustainable development’s biggest issues: the disconnection between people and nature. It offers a full range of action-oriented initiatives across six themes – Land & Landscapes; Water Resources; Biodiversity; Economic Diversity & Livelihoods; Knowledge, Learning & Education; and Institutions – all aimed at securing the future of our beautiful region.

Goukou Resilient River

To reverse biodiversity loss and connect fragmented habitats of the Goukou River system through wetland restoration and clearing of invasive alien plants.

This project focuses on restoration of an ecologically valuable riparian system – which is largely located on private land – where limited or no systematic invasive plant eradication programmes are being implemented.

Invasive alien plant infestations are increasing rapidly and have a severe impact on the water supply to downstream communities, pose a great fire risk, and are a threat to South Africa’s natural biodiversity.

Where We Work

What we have accomplished thus far

Total number of hectares cleared of Invasive Alien Plants

Total number of jobs created

Total number of persondays worked

The Problem

Securing funding….

The Solution

Invest in Restoration


700-hectare mountain catchment and 350-hectare lowland riverine habitat to be cleared of invasive alien plants
Invest in Restoration


Active rehabilitation of disturbed Palmiet wetlands & Improved wetland functioning in the river system; increased water run-off released into river and estuary
Invest in Restoration


Training and employment in ecosystem restoration of currently unemployed people through independent contractor teams
Invest in Restoration


Strengthened network of partners mandated to sustainably manage the Goukou River System

Progress towards a comprehensive Ecological Reserve determination of the Goukou River System

Investment Packages

Any number of the following investments packages can be purchased, according to your company’s socio-environmental requirements.

Custom Donation Amount

If you prefer to donate an amount of your own choosing to our cause, please visit our donate page.

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Description of the compliance and accountability measures that will be taken, including the provision of GPS coordinates, photos and certification of the funded area and number of plants. Also note that some of these interventions may take place on private land, and will therefore not necessarily be accessible to the funder.
(Perhaps we should add a section that allows for the funder to select whether they would prefer their investment to be on state (reserve) land?)?
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