Ruitersbos Primary going green

Aug 5, 2017 | Project News

Despite the rain and foggy weather, everyone was keen and excited to go.  A brief introduction, guidelines and safety procedures was presented prior to departing as we waited for the rain to cease.

The aim of this introductory hike is to obtain a full buy-in from the learners to the concept of a green club.   For this reason the grade 6 and 7 learners of Ruitersbos Primary were invited to an introductory hike.  This hike enables the learners to experience a guided encounter with the natural environment.  It is important that this initial hike be close to their school and that it be an accessible walk for all the learners in terms of level of fitness.  It is also important that the hike includes a climb to a nearby koppie/hill where the whole town, including the school, is visible and in full sight.

Ruitersbos Primary on outing.
(Photo: Monica Vaccaro).

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