Vanwyksdorp Butterflies propagating spekboom

May 29, 2017 | Project News

Recently the Green Butterflies together with their teacher Mr. Philander spent the afternoon at the Spekboom nursery in Vanwyksdorp.  The aim was to learn about the Spekboom and its role in the environment regarding carbon sequestration and how it is used to restore land. It is a very relevant topic as Vanwyksdorp is the home town of the Jobs 4 Carbon (J4C) project.  Many of the parents are engaged in the project.

The workshop was presented and prepared by Evelyn Pretorius, who is presently involved with J4C.

They planted over 200 off cuts from cuttings used by the J4C team; these were planted into tins which they had collected.  They prepared the soil, tins, and cuttings.

There is much learning opportunity that can and may develop from this event.

There are two new green clubs being established in the area and it would be a noble gesture to gift these “up and coming” green schools with Spekboom.

Green Butterflies planting spekboom off-cuts
(Photo: M. Vaccaro).

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