An Individual member signs the commitment and promotes the GCBR in her/his personal and professional life.

Membership is based more on solidarity with GCBR’s ethos than on benefits. By joining the GCBR, members show solidarity with the organisation’s vision through their personal choices and behaviour.

Individual membership is free, but if you would like to support the GCBR by making a voluntary donation in lieu of a membership fee, please visit our donate page or to become a sponsor please visit our sponsorship page.

Annual Membership Fee is R1500

A Business member promotes the GCBR and its goals in its own business practice.

Annual Membership Fee is R500

Affinity Groups are civic groups or organisations who support and identify with the aims of the GCBR. Such groups can become GCBR Affinity Group members, thereby strengthening the network of like-minded groups and organisations in the Biosphere Reserve. GCBR Affinity Groups help to promote citizen efforts that advance GCBR’s vision of People and Nature Living in Harmony.

GCBR is proud to have the below Affinity Members