Code of Conduct


1. Purpose

The purpose of the Code of Conduct (the “Code”) is to define a set of values, rules, standards, behaviours and principles outlining what is expected from all Gouritz Cluster Biosphere Reserve (GCBR) employees and associates.

This is important as it shows that the GCBR chooses to do business in an ethical way. By doing so, it creates loyalty and trust with our stakeholders, guides our work and relationships and brings us closer towards our culture.

2. Scope

The Code applies to all GCBR Directors, employees and service providers/independent contractors.

3. Our vision and mission

The GCBR’s vision is to champion people and nature living in harmony through our mission of restoring and effectively managing the ecosystems on which all life in the GCBR domain depends. Adhering to the Code supports our purpose to execute the vision and mission through ethical practices.

4. Our values


We always conduct ourselves in an honest, ethical and transparent manner.


We bring people together with different skills sets, expertise and perspectives to continuously improve organisational outcomes.


We boldly adapt to change and encourage creative ideas to improve the value of our work to our stakeholders.


We commit to protecting the biodiversity and ecological integrity of the ecosystems on which our communities depend, and continuously seek ways to improve organisational processes that will yield sustainable results.


5. Expectations

GCBR Employees and Directors 

Service Providers 

  • Everyone should respect and reflect the GCBR’s values. 
  • Employees must read and be familiar with the Code. 
  • Leaders must set the tone, lead by example and drive a clear understanding of the principles of the Code. 
  • Leaders must support their teams by creating a psychologically safe environment to encourage a speak up culture. 
  • Leaders must help team members understand the principles and expectations of the Code. 
  • Leaders must be consistent when enforcing consequence management and holding people accountable for their behaviour at work.

  • Business with service providers must be based on fair, lawful and transparent practices that respect human rights. 
  • • Service providers must follow our Code and show integrity in doing business. 

6. Behaviour 


• We hold ourselves accountable for doing what we say and being clear about our motives. 

• We do the right thing even if something is uncomfortable. 


• We respect and protect the GCBR’s intellectual property and information with the highest levels of confidentiality and disclose it only to those who are authorised and have a need to know. 

Conflicts of interest 

• We actively avoid actual, potential or perceived conflicts of interest to ensure that we conduct ourselves objectively towards serving the best interests of the GCBR. 

Diversity, equity and inclusion 

• We promote an inclusive environment where every employee is valued and respected for who they are. 

• We embrace diversity and drive fair employment equity practices. 

• We do not tolerate any form of unfair discrimination. 


• We excel in the knowledge, skills and behaviours required by our roles. 

• We continuously seek opportunities to grow and develop, both personally and professionally. 


• We promote sustainable use of resources in all our decisions from an economic, social and environmental perspective. 

• We use natural resources responsibly. 

• We optimise the sustainable execution of our operational practices through integrated business processes and systems, and an ongoing process of improvement. 

What should I do if I am unsure about anything? 

• Use sound judgement to make ethical decisions. 

• Ask questions or raise concerns when you are uncertain. 

• Refer to the following decision tree. 

gcbr code of conduct