Gouritz Corridors Project


To restore and maintain the Gouritz River ecological corridor

Gouritz Cluster Biosphere Reserve GCBR Gouritz Corridor

Gouritz River Valley

Project Period

2019 - 2022


CapeNature; Local stakeholders

An initiative to enhance a landscape scale ecological corridor along the length of the Gouritz River Valley. Corridors are critical for ecological processes and for long-term survival of wild animals and plants, especially in the context of climate change. The project will promote collaborative management for wildlife movement (e.g. Cape Mountain Zebra), ecological flows in the river (i.e. sufficient water to support river ecology), better quality river water and associated sustainable green economy opportunities.

Activities to be undertaken:

  • Establish and maintain a strategic corridor working group
  • Establish a GIS database and identify priority areas
  • Develop corridor scenarios with financial implications
  • Large-scale information sharing with landowners


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