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Still Bay, Vermaaklikheid, Riversdale, Molenrivier, Slangrivier, Witsand, Heidelberg, Ruitersbos


2024 – 2025


DOB Ecology

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Please note: These statistics are quoted from project inception to to end of March 2024

Project Objective:

This outreach initiative is centred around environmental education among children between the ages of 2- 13 and aims to foster increased environmental awareness and an affinity towards nature and the conservation of our planet and its many wonders.

The project further more aims to catalyse the realisation of individual contribution and impact, empowering the future generation with the mindset that they can make a difference and enabling the environmental ambassadors of tomorrow.

Project Implementation:

Outreach initiatives in the form of school visits, activities and outings are conducted throughout the year with children and teachers from several rural schools located within the GCBR region.

GCBR will engage with learners and support teachers to create environmental awareness and take a proactive towards protecting the natural environment.

Based on national and international environmental days; appropriate educational talks, interactive demonstrations, participatory activities and meaningful outings are shared with learners.

This project covers a diverse range of activities and outings, from planting indigenous trees, beach clean-ups, upcycle craft activities, establishing food gardens, citizen science and much more.

The value of the activities, outings and interactions that the learners will experience cannot be under-estimated as some learners have never been beyond the borders of their villages; in this way nature can become that catalyst to positive new experiences and perspectives.

Everyone enjoying themselves!
Children at Duivenhoks Library painting their toilet rolls and turning them into butterflies and rabbits.