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Gouritz Resilient Rivers Project


Goukou River Catchment, Hessequa Municipality



2018 – 2025


DOB Ecology, Cape Nature; Local stakeholders, Hessequa Municipality, CASIDRA, Working for Wetlands

Total Number of Hectares Cleared (initial)

Total Number of Hectares Cleared (follow-up)

Total number of jobs

Total number of persondays worked

Please note: These statistics are quoted from project inception to to end of February 2024

Project Objective:

To reverse biodiversity loss and connect fragmented habitats in the in Gouritz River and Langeberg region (Riversdale-Herbertsdale-Ruiterbos) through restoration of high conservation value mountain, wetland, and river ecosystems, using multiple methods suited to different landscape management contexts.  

This project focuses on restoration of ecologically valuable systems – which are largely located on private land – where limited or no systematic invasive plant eradication or other restoration programmes are being implemented. 


Project Implementation:

Strong emphasis will be placed on experimentation and grounded research and development of innovative, efficient methods, building an evidence base to take to farmers and other stakeholders – with a focus on influencing them and changing behaviour. A mix of methodologies will be deployed, appropriate to different landscape management contexts. These include a mix of restoration methodologies, such as: 

  • Selective clearing of invasive alien plants; 
  • Chipping biomass and mulching for alien seed suppression 
  • Soil erosion control and regeneration interventions; 
  • Rehabilitation and revegetation using indigenous species; 
  • Creating wetland buffer zones 

The project also has a strong focus on job creation and upskilling of staff and has provided work for an average of 50 individuals over the last 4 years. 

Gouritz Cluster Biosphere Reserve GCBR Restoration
Gouritz Cluster Biosphere Reserve GCBR Restoration
Goukou Resilient River Nusery
Our very own Kezia portrays a visual journey of the development of the Goukou Rehabilitation Nursery.

Kezia is the Research and Rehabilitation Co-Ordinator and Nursery Manager for the Goukou Resilient River Project

Invasive Alien Plants (IAPs)