Invasive Alien Plants clearing teams all geared up with their new PPE

May 17, 2024 | General News

Independent contracting teams clearing Invasive Alien Plants within our GCBR region are all geared up with updated personal protective equipment (PPE). PPE is not merely a regulatory requirement but a safety measure that protects our team members during operations.

Various methods are applied to clear Invasive Alien Plants (IAP), depending on the species, landscape, season, and available resources. Each method requires specific protective measures:

  • Manual Clearing: For tasks like hand-pulling weeds, protective gloves are essential to prevent cuts and blisters. Eye protection is also necessary to protect against flying debris.
  • Chainsaw and Chipper Operations: When using heavy machinery such as chainsaws, chippers, brush cutters, and loppers, the risk of injury increases significantly. Full safety gear is required, including helmets with earmuffs, safety pants, boots, and eye protection to shield team members from the inherent dangers of these tools.
  • Herbicide Applications: Team members handling herbicides are equipped with chemical-resistant PPE, gloves, and goggles to protect against chemical splashes.

The teams have been trained in the following areas: Health and Safety, First Aid, Brushcutter and Chainsaw operations, Herbicide Application, Erosion Control, Basic Fire Fighting and Chainsaw Mechanics.

By equipping our teams with proper training, tools, and protective gear, we enhance their safety and increase the effectiveness of eradicating invasive plants. Our commitment to the well-being of the teams and the restoration of our environment remains our priority.

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