Rhythms of Water

Jul 9, 2019 | General News

What a treat to attend this superb session, the closing event of this year’s Silver Mountain Music Festival. The organisers promised “A Journey of Water” – an opportunity to experience the fantastical water creatures of our region. A fantastical journey it was. First, to learn from some top experts on freshwater ecosystems: Jeanne Gouws of CapeNature, Keir Lynch of BioNerds, and “next-gen-herpetologist” Les Minter. Their fireside talks were as much about the science as about the art of conserving and restoring our waterways and the exquisite aquatic life they contain. Then, after lunch, percussionist Ronan Skillen and bassist Shaun Johannes offered an extraordinary musical interpretation and celebration of the rhythms of water. Both accomplished and well-known jazz musicians from Cape Town – these guys are HOT!! – this was an acoustic twist of musical imagination!!!


Wendy Crane and Alan Fowler with Ronan Skillen and Shaun Johannes at the Rhythms of  Water concert, Silver Mountain Music Festival



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