Walking under the Rocks

May 23, 2016 | General News

Come join us and become a ‘citizen scientist’!

Everyone knows dolphins, whales and sharks. But very few realise the unique combination of living organisms under our feet on our coastline. These intertidal ecosystems have huge impact on subsistence provisioning and on ecotourism. But there is not much local knowledge about the intertidal organisms – the species that live between the two tide levels.

Oceans Research and the Gouritz Cluster Biosphere Reserve invite you to a series of beach workshops where you will learn how to recognize, appreciate and conserve these important creatures.

  • Saturday 4th June – Still Bay – meet us at 09h00 at the harbour parking
  • Saturday 18th June – Tergniet – meet us at 09h00 at the tidal pool parking
  • Saturday 16th July – Mossel Bay – meet us at 09h00 at Mossel Bay Point

* Keep an eye on http://www.facebook.com/Oceans-Research-80871762664 for schedule updates in case of adverse weather conditions.

For more information contact Acheley Nortje 079 770 8376 or Dr Enrico Gennari 076 215 3360

Pansy shell
(Photo: Sandra Falanga) 

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