Butterflies camping in Vanwyksdorp

Apr 4, 2017 | Project News

This year our annual planning camp took place at the school and the church hall. The Grade 6 learners were very excited about having the opportunity to join the green club.  They were taken through an orientation program so that they may understand the structure of the club.

ART WORKSHOP – PAPIER-MÂCHÉ – RECYCLING AND REUSING – SKILLS TRAINING: We began with a papier-mâché workshop.  Art is an important part of developing confidence and a strong self-esteem. The learners were very receptive and enjoyed it very much.  The success of this activity is very high as the product is extremely good. Learners feel relaxed and a sense of achievement. It is also very inexpensive. Educators were also trained in other various applications.

HIKE TO SAN PAINTING SITE– CULTURAL HISTORY – GEOGRAPHY –  KNOWLEDGE: Early Saturday morning after breakfast we embarked on a hike that started from the church hall to a farm located around 7km down to the river.

Piet Gelderblom kindly allowed the children to visit a San painting site on his farm.  It is quite a unique site as the images are of fingerprints and other entoptic phenomena (abstract images).

The experience was quite remarkable as the children had never seen san paintings and nor expected them to be on the walls of the cave they leaned against on arrival.   As I began to explain how one can never tell what lies in these caves and that the paintings could be right behind them on the walls they were leaning on, there was a moment of absolute disbelief and suddenly they shot up and started looking intensely at the rock face.


Butterflies experimenting with papier-mâché
(Photo: Monica Vaccaro) 


Butterflies visiting rock art site
(Photo: Monica Vaccaro) 

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