Success is in the hand of the people

Apr 3, 2017 | Project News

KOS IN DIE KAROO is a collaborative with the GCBR and was launched in in Vanwyksdorp in September 2016 at a gathering of community members interested in food gardens.  In our follow up visit in February 2017, we visited some of the sites where food gardens had been initiated.  It must be said that this community driven project relies on the will of the people.  If the community is not ready for a self-sustained life then it will not grow.  It needs the full commitment of the gardeners.

This project does not rely on a funder to make it happen. As project managers we can only give advice, assist with knowledge and bring seeds, trees etc. to the party.  The success is in the hand of the people.

We visited the home of oom Japaulus Cloete. He seems to be very proactive about food. His garden is lush and has a large variety of vegetables as well as fruit trees and flowering plants.

Preparations of soil for food garden
(Photo: Monica Vaccaro)

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