Butterflies mass-producing seedlings

May 20, 2018 | Project News

Andre Britz (GCBR) visited Vanwyksdorp Primary School during May to offer support to the Green Club especially the Seedling Project. Rika Louw, a member of the local food garden movement called KOS IN DIE KAROO has offered support and mentorship to the seedling project. She will visit the school on Thursdays when the club meets and assist them in their management of the project.

The learners prepared a 90%-10% mixture of peat and potting soil and filled their trays. The seeds were then laid and watered. This project has the potential of becoming a tourist attraction and a viable business for the green club. We look forward to good results.

After some trial and error practices the seedlings are now in full swing. The learners are excited, they want more seeds to plant, especially because they know the community is waiting to buy their seedlings to plant in their gardens. It is a closed loop, on the road to a sustainable living.

The Green Club Schools Project is sponsored by DOB and the Landmark Foundation.


Proud Butterflies with seed trays.
(Photo: Monica Vaccaro)

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