Endangered Species Day Event at Gerrit du Plessis Secondary School

May 27, 2024 | General News

Endangered Species Day is observed annually on the third Friday of May, serving as a reminder of the urgent need to safeguard endangered species and their habitats. To raise awareness about the endangered species, GCBR MAB-Youth and Hessequa Municipality spent the day with Grade 8 learners from Gerrit du Plessis Secondary School. The students created posters, drawings, and paintings depicting endangered species. Three students were selected from each class for their outstanding work and won prizes. Special thanks to the teachers for their assistance in making the event a success.

Leila Moosajee, Jolandie Buck, and Madeniyah Condradie gave presentations on endangered species.

Grade 8 Leaners from Plessis Secondary School drawing and painting!

Check out some of the drawings from talented learners below:

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