Green Roses growing into leaders

Oct 14, 2017 | Project News

On Friday 8th of September we visited the Green Roses with the intention of handing over their leadership badges and planting trees for Arbor week.

There was a special assembly held whereby the whole school gathered with the staff.  There was a brief talk about the new leadership roles.  Learners in grade 4 and 5 were inspired to look up to these roles and positions and know that they too will get to be future leaders.  The juniors were encouraged to be respectful and to cooperate with their leaders.

Each team came up and were handed the badges which they proudly pinned on their uniform.

There were two educators that offered their mentorship to the teams.  We are very happy that the educators are keen to drive and assist the learners.  We would like to thank Ms Veronika Muller and Ms Lizelle Labuschagne for stepping into mentorship roles for the teams.


Proud Green Roses Green Club
(Photo: Monica Vaccaro) 

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