Because our children are the footprint of our legacy

Oct 14, 2017 | Project News

The intention of our visit to the Rooiberg area from 26-28 September 2017 was to educate our students on the basics of the knowledge on the Klein Karoo. They must experience and feel what the climate, environment and people are like.

Staying at the RUST farm was a privilege … more of a spoil, but it’s hard to let the students and clients understand this if their only point of reference is luxury. We unfortunately owe this to ourselves and our children and our future, to be part of the educational process where we understood more about biodiversity; i.e. our ecology, community and the global village.

Being said that, we must thank Andre Britz and Steve du Toit of the GCBR for being available to share their wisdom with us during the three days out there. A huge thank you to the RUST family for offering their home as a bases.

IALA Gap Year – A Lifetime’s adventure one year in Africa
(Photo: IALA)

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