Growing water-wise communities

Sep 26, 2018 | Project News

The Water Wise Ways (WWW) project is certainly a great example of how projects can grow gradually from small volunteer-driven actions to a fully-fledged core company project.

The WWW project as it is today, found its beginnings in two different directions within the GCBR – the one was the community empowerment and support project started and run by Charles Basson and Susan Botha, in which faulty toilet cisterns were replaced and leaking taps fixed as a means to reduce water wastage and increase awareness around saving water.

The other contributing project started simply as a dream that the then De Rust resident, Dieks Theron, had about cleaning the effluent at the local municipal waste water treatment plant through phytoremediation (using specific plants to absorb phosphates and nitrates from the waste water).

Charles and Susan’s community projects continued to flourish under the banner and support of the GCBR, and Dieks’ project came to life last year at the De Rust Municipal Waste Water Treatment Plant – the combination of which now form the WWW project.


Daily Toolbox Talk of the Water Wise Ways team. (Photo: Susan Botha) 

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