Herbertsdale Primary planning for a Environmental Club

May 28, 2017 | Project News

Environmental Clubs is a project where environmental clubs are initiated and supported at primary and secondary schools.  The aim is to encourage environmental leaders, promote sustainable living, and highlight local and global environmental issues through awareness campaigns. The Environmental Club will initiate local projects that will serve the school and community.  These projects have socio-economic effects on the community and tourism is one of the focus points.

On Thursday 5th of May we introduced the concept of an environmental club and instigated the need for leadership in our community.  The aim was to constitute a club with an elected committee and various teams to run the portfolios needed.  The main objective of the program is to allow full learning process; this enables responsible and accountable actions and consequences by the learners.

Matric students from Point High School offer mentorship.
(Photo: M. Vaccaro) 

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