How do Plants Eat: Explaining Photosynthesis

Feb 23, 2023 | General News, Scholars

Author: Boudine Kruger

Photosynthesis is a process that plants use to make their own food. It is what helps them grow and stay healthy. Plants can make their own food because they have special parts inside of them called chloroplasts. These chloroplasts contain a green substance called chlorophyll, which helps the plant absorb energy from the sun.

You can think of it like a plant having a little factory inside of it that uses the sun’s energy, CO2 (carbon dioxide) and water to create its own food, similar to how we eat food to get energy. But unlike us, it doesn’t have to go to the store or the kitchen; it can make it on its own.

What Are The Three Steps of Photosynthesis?

There are several steps involved in photosynthesis, namely:

Step 1:

The plant takes in energy from the sun through its leaves. The energy is absorbed by a special substance called chlorophyll, which gives plants their green colour. This is an important part of photosynthesis and explains why all plants need sunlight to survive and create their own food. This is why it’s important to ensure that your houseplants also get enough sunshine.

Step 2:

Most living creatures, such as animals and humans, create carbon dioxide when breathing; plants take in carbon dioxide from the air through tiny openings on their leaves called stomata. The energy from the sun is used to convert the carbon dioxide in the air  and water that the plant has taken in through its roots into a type of sugar called glucose. This is the food that the plant uses to grow and survive.

Step 3:

Oxygen is released into the air as a byproduct of the photosynthesis process. This oxygen is important for all living things to breathe, including animals, humans and even other plants. It’s an incredible process that allows plants to create their own food and provide oxygen to all living things. It’s like a magic show where plants use light, air and water to make their own food and also perform a good deed by giving us air to breathe.

Plants also create food such as fruit, nuts, grains, and medicine that humans can use to fight illnesses and relieve pain. Plants are important for many aspects of our lives and the overall health of our planet. And we, humans, play an important role in taking care of plants by protecting their natural habitats, reducing pollution and using them sustainably. We are all connected and rely on each other in many ways.

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