Interview with artist Hannalie Taute

Nov 10, 2022 | General News

Hannalie Taute (1977–) was born in Fochville in Gauteng, South Africa. In 2000 she obtained a National Higher Diploma in Fine Art at PE Technicon (now the NNMU). Since then she has had 16 solo exhibitions, and has taken part in over 35 group exhibitions. Hannalie’s next solo exhibition will be hosted by MContemporary Gallery in Sydney, Australia in July 2022. In 2004 Hannalie was a finalist in the ABSA l’Atelier exhibition and a nominee for the Fiesta awards in 2012, 2015 and 2017. She received the Kanna Award for best visual art production at the 2014 KKNK Arts Festival for her solo exhibition called Rubber ever after.

In 2017 she represented South Africa at the Museum Rijswijk Textile Biennale in the Netherlands. Her work is part the academic collection of UNISA as well as various private collections. Hannalie currently resides and works in Riversdale in the Western Cape.


One of the themes in Hannalie’s work is the exploration of identity. Through the juxtaposition of embroidery thread stitched onto rubber inner tyre tubes and vintage photographs, she subverts conventions and existing narratives. Alter egos or conflicting identities are imposed onto the characters in the photographs who are given incongruous masks and transformed into hybrids. Through these provocative transfigured portraits, the artist questions ideas of socially assumed identities. Hannalie’s combination of materials – car tyre rubber referencing a traditional realm of men and embroidery thread traditionally related to women’s work – challenges patriarchal stereotypes and adds a layer of tension to her arresting portraits.

Another area of exploration is the artist’s own paracosm – or imaginary world. Fairytale characters, creatures and monsters find their way into wedding and other portraits or become darkly humourous 3D embroidered rubber sculptures.

Selected Publications and Reviews

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