Kos in die Karoo – one year later

Sep 22, 2017 | Small Projects

This project was initiated in September 2016.  It has gone a full circle and we have some positive results – albeit slowly.  We had a very optimistic beginning and initiated nine food gardens.  The movement seemed to have lost its momentum.  It is possible that everyone was waiting for someone to take control.  The aim of this project is to encourage community sustainability and cooperation.  On September 7th we visited some of the gardens which had been prepared for the meeting.  All the gardens that had been prepared had used the NO DIG method.

Most of the gardens planted last September were still doing well, despite the drought. One of the houses had a large heap of dried grass and manure.  This house had organically become a site where materials can be picked up.  This was donated by a local farmer; this is the beginnings of sustainable mechanisms.

We met at the Church grounds where some of the gardeners planted their vegetables. There was clear evidence of the difference it makes to put the cardboard at the bottom.  The weeds grew madly around the treated areas. These gardeners will use the opportunity to sell vegetables to the community.  People can buy vegetables and choose which ones they would like.

Vanwyksdorp Kos in die Karoo project, a year later
(Photo: Monica Vaccaro) 

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