Dreamcatchers at Melkhoutfontein

Feb 28, 2018 | Small Projects

On Sunday the 4th of March, the community of Melkhoutfontein are launching the “Arts for Humanity” project in the restored St. Augustine’s church situated on the newly developed “La Bloemen” botanical garden (a formal waste dumpsite). Here a Child art exhibition will welcome visitors. Over the last year the Dreamcatcher ” Going Places Kids “, supervised by their talented teacher Diane, have created some amazing art work. They use the waste removed from the site and the regeneration of their environment, which includes the return of many bird and fynbos species as inspiration. This is all part of the Wasteland – Graced Land project, which has recently been recognised globally as a best practice model for poverty relief and environmental management projects. The development is now part of the Gouritz Cluster Biosphere Reserve (GCBR). You can visit this site with one of our 5 nationally accredited local site guides.

Visit www.dreamcatchersouthafrica.com  for more information.

Arts for Humanity project at Melkhoutfontein.
(Photo: Anthea Rossouw) 

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