First meeting of Ruiterbos ‘Field Rangers’ Club

May 20, 2018 | Project News

The Ruiterbos Field Rangers’ first meeting took place on 11 April 2018. The objectives for this meeting were the following: 1. To assess resources and needs on school property; 2. To train committee members to run a meeting and fulfil their roles as committee members; 3. To run a Seed Planting workshop for possible seedling project, using peat, egg boxes and seeds; 4. To initiate the waste management project; 5. To issue everyone with roles and responsibilities during school; 6. To hold and host us as guests at their first meeting, and 7. To plot environmental dates on a year planner.

Before we continued with the meeting we took a break and we asked the children to show us the school.  During the walk and the chats, we could identify the needs of the school and learners.   The school has a food garden which it tended to by the groundman.  The food harvested is used for the school and feeds the learners. Once we understood the whole school we could choose our projects. The Food garden, Seedlings and Waste Management were identified as the long-term projects for the school.


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