Herbertsdale Green Roses planning meeting

May 20, 2018 | Project News

The Green Roses met on the 12th April 2018 following the Annual planning camp. The objectives for this meeting were the following: 1. To assess resources needed for each team; 2. To train committee members to run a meeting and fulfil their roles as committee members; 3. To run a Seed Planting workshop for possible seedling project, using peat, egg boxes and seeds; 4. To re-assess the waste management project and its problems; 5. To recap on everyone’s roles and responsibilities; 6. To host visiting guests at their meeting; 7. To plot environmental dates on a year planner; and 8. To run a clay workshop making pinch pots with beads.

It was clear to see that the seniors, after a term in office, were much more comfortable in their positions. We hope they see opportunities and will lead their school with determination and through actions.

Matters highlighted in the meeting include: 1. Bathroom monitors clean bathrooms every Friday; 2. Waste management do clean-ups on Fridays; 3. Library is cleaned-up occasionally; and 4. All the teams requested cleaning materials and other/needs.

Green Roses making clay pinch  pots with beads.
(Photo: Monica Vaccaro) 

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