Green Butterflies kicking off

Jan 24, 2018 | Project News

Vanwyksdorp Primary kicked off with their Green Butterflies planning meeting for 2018 at the Rooiberg Lodge on the 15th January 2018. The Green Club Projects is a Landmark Foundation Environmental Education Program initiative and it is carried out in full partnership and collaboration with the GCBR.

The aim of this strategic planning meeting was to incorporate the structure of the Green Club into the school system and to open the learning opportunities to all the grade teachers.

The Green Clubs have, through its leadership program, created various leadership clusters with a manager/leader and teacher for guidance, these are: Librarians, Waste Management, Media and Noticeboards, Bathroom monitors, Greeters, and the Green Club Committee.

Green Club projects include: the botanical garden, beautification of the school grounds, development of a community seedling supplier, the indigenous nursery and the school garden maintenance projects.

Vanwyksdorp Green Butterflies Club is the oldest Green Club in GCBR.
(Photo: Monica Vaccaro)

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