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Call for Two Year Internships 

The Groen Sebenza Phase II Programme is a bridging into work programme funded to the value of R300m for the next three years. GS Phase II aims to recruit 1050 unemployed graduates (diploma – PhD level) and place them nationally in different organisations (government and non-governmental) where they will be incubated (trained and mentored) to further develop their competence and confidence in the management of environment/biodiversity. 

The programme goals 

  1. Enable workplace-based learning for graduates aimed at building and strengthening their capacity at various levels. 
  2. Creation of job opportunities and possible permanent placement beyond funding. 
  3. Transformation and organisational strengthening – strengthen different organisational development aspects including transformation in its totality, mentoring, proactive skills and planning to better respond to organisational mandates and other national priorities. 
  4. Research informed – through research, develop a ‘live’ skills intelligence system that will enable the sector to proactively plan for skills development and track and trace the utilisation of the developed skills. 

GOURITZ CLUSTER BIOSPHERE RESERVE in partnership with The South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) is pleased to announce a call for applications for incubation in the following fields: 

 Field Location (Where the Intern will be based) Required Qualification Number required Stipend rate 
Environmental Management 2 Barry Street, Riversdale, 6670 Honours IN Env Management or a similar field R8697,00 
Agriculture 2 Barry Street, Riversdale, 6670 Undergraduate degree IN Agriculture or a similar field R7359,00 
Project Management 2 Barry Street, Riversdale, 6670 Undergraduate degree IN Project Management or a similar field R7359,00 


  • Must be a SA citizen. 
  • Young unemployed and *underemployed professionals between the ages of 18 and 35. 
  • Innovative, dynamic and creative 
  • A commitment to career development in the environmental/biodiversity sector. 
  • Must hold qualifications mentioned in table above 
  • People with disabilities are also encouraged to apply. 
  • A Code B / Code 8 drivers licence would be beneficial. 

* Underemployed refers to youth employed in any sector than the one they studied for as per the above listed fields. 

Internship monthly stipend values (no other benefits apply as these are internship positions) 

 Qualification Stipend 
Diploma R6 082 
BSc R7 359 
Honours R8 697 
MSc R10 035 
PHD R12 035 

Candidates holding higher qualifications than the ones stated in the above fields may apply, however only remuneration stated per field will be applicable. 

Application procedure 

Any interested and qualifying applicants can send their cv and cover letter to 

Contact details 

028 050 0577 

Closing date: 28 October 2022 

SANBI reserves the right not to fill these internships. 

If no response has been received within 40 days of the closing date, candidates may assume that their applications were unsuccessful. 

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