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Oct 13, 2022 | General News

Nicole Hein, the owner and creative force behind Nicole Hein Design Studio has a deep passion and respect for the environment; and feels strongly about taking personal responsibility for one’s choices and actions.

With a desire to create environmental awareness, Nicole Hein Design Studio and the GCBR partnered to sponsor a mural with a message at Dibiki Holiday Resort in Riversdale.

Dibiki is situated just off the N2 and offers self-catering accommodation, camp sites, braai facilities and sparkling swimming pools to enjoy. The mural has been created in the popular swimming pool area which is often teeming with children and families in the summer months, making it a great location for this specific design and message.

When we asked Nicky about the meaning behind her design, she shared that from a literal point of view, the message is very clear: “We don’t have another planet Earth to live on, our actions and every step we take has an impact on what our home will be like in the future. We should be considerate in the way we act and treat our home, because there simply isn’t another place like Earth that can sustain life as we know it.”

“From a metaphorical perspective, this piece is a gentle reminder that home is also an emotional place and that we should treat ourselves, others, the environment and all life with respect and love. It’s about having an intention in our hearts to do as little harm as possible. When we start living from a heart space of love we automatically start behaving differently and have a more loving impact on our physical home, Earth, and our relationships with people, nature and animals.”

Originally the design consisted of the macro, outer-space scene with a personified Earth giving this tongue in cheek message. After collaborating with the GCBR, Nicky decided to bring in the Fynbos as a micro view, to truly bring the message to our home here in the unique, globally important, Cape Floral Kingdom.

The owner of Dibiki Holiday Resort Riversdale, Mart-Marie Pretorius, says that she feels it is important for businesses to take responsibility and lead by example in whatever way they can; that they must do their best to reduce their impact and contribute towards a sustainable future where everyone can thrive – one can start with small steps like recycling and creating positive awareness through environmental messaging.

rethink reuse reduce recycle Tread Lightly Mural
Nicole and her assistant Angelika creating the mural
rethink reuse reduce recycle Tread Lightly Mural
When people and organisations take hands so much can be acheived – Mart-Marie, Linda and Nicole
rethink reuse reduce recycle Tread Lightly Mural
The team from the GCBR office in Riversdale – Mark, Marinda, Rita, Karin and Steve
The representatives of the organisations that worked together to make this happen, Nicole from Nicole Hein Design Studio, Mart-Marie from Dibiki and Linda from GCBR

Tips to tread lightly:

Embrace the 4 R’s: rethink, reuse, reduce, recycle!

  • Rethink: reconsider your consumption habits and find ways to minimize your waste and make better choices to reduce your environmental footprint.
  • Reuse: reuse items whenever possible before replacing.
  • Reduce: use less and avoid wasting anything.
  • Recycle: purchase only items that can be recycled.

Avoid Single-use Plastic:

Say NO THANKS to plastic coffee cups and lids, plastic forks and knives, plastic bags, plastic water bottles, plastic earbuds and balloons for example. Rather opt for paper, steel or glass straws, carry your own reusable coffee cup and reusable glass water bottle, invest in a material shopper bag and keep it in your car so that you always have one handy.

Support local:

By supporting your local farmer and small businesses you can cut your environmental footprint due to impacts such as transportation. You are also putting your money back into your community and stimulating a healthy local economy.

Choose responsible products:

There are various eco-friendly, biodegradable cleaning and body products on the market that are better for you and the planet. Also look for the cruelty-free sign to ensure your beauty products are not tested on animals.

Eat more plants:

Fruit and vegetables are a great source of fibre, vitamins, minerals and many other nutrients that help promote good health and wellbeing; plus, they have a relatively small greenhouse gas and carbon footprint in comparison to the meat-industry.

Compost and grow your own:

Compost your food waste using worm farms or Bokashi and turn it into plant food to add nutrients to the soil in which you grow your own, organic produce, free of poisons and pesticides.

Be Water-Wise:

Be conscious about your water usage to conserve this precious resource e.g., close the tap while you brush your teeth, fix leaks, take quick showers, have an indigenous water wise garden. South Africa has experienced drought and water restrictions for a very long time. Water is not a given and it should not be taken for granted. Remember: water is life!

Conserve energy:

A few simple ways to conserve energy is to switch off lights, plugs and appliances when not in use, put boiled water in a flask for the next cup of coffee instead of boiling the kettle again and switch off your geyser or install a timer. You’ll be amazed how quickly you can form a new habit once you start putting in a conscious effort. For those who can; go solar!

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