Herbertsdale Green Roses blossoming in Stilbaai

Nov 9, 2017 | Project News

Herbertsdale Primary have recently established an environmental or “Green Club” at their school.  This is the first outing as “The Green Roses”. The aim of this outing was to expose the learners to a different environment, to show new perspectives, to generate an interest in the outdoor world, to spark curiosity in the natural world and of course to explore and transfer information.

The visit to Stilbaai started at the Tuin op die Brak, where we met with Arrie Combrinck our educational field guide for the day.  Arrie  took us through the Botanical Garden where there is a specific focus on medicinal plants and succulents.

Once we had seen the Botanical Garden we headed for the Blombos Museum.  Arrie spoke about the Blombos Cave and the archaeological findings, the origins of man and all the artifacts that show the evolutionary man’s progress in terms of tool making and other survival skills.

Green Roses visiting the Blombos Museum.
(Photo: Monica Vaccaro) 


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