May 6, 2024 | General News

Written by: Erin Martin (GCBR MAB YOUTH)

Plants are crucial in sustaining life on Earth by providing oxygen and purifying the air. They serve as a vital source of food and shelter for animals and humans; they also purify water, sequestrate carbon and conserve soil. Recognising the importance of plants, International Plant Appreciation Day is observed annually on April 13th.

This day serves as a reminder of our commitment to the environment and raises awareness about the essential role plants play in our ecosystem. Conserving indigenous vegetation and planting trees and other plants in our surroundings is not only beneficial for us but also for our communities, the planet as a whole, and future generations.

To celebrate this day GCBRs’ MAB YOUTH members, Leila, Lee-Ann, Kayla, Madeniyah, and Erin, accompanied by Marinda van As, GCBR Environmental Education Project Manager, and in collaboration with Hessequa Municipality, visited Grace Prep School in Still Bay.

The children enthusiastically participated in planting activities facilitated by our team and their teachers who provided necessary materials such as spades, garden forks, and compost. They planted various trees, including Grewia occipitalis (crossberry), Protea cynaroides (King Protea), and Searsia lucida (blinktaaibos). Through this hands-on experience, the children not only had fun but also gained an understanding of how planting trees contributes to the environment but will also be making their outdoor spaces more comfortable by creating shade to protect them on sunny days.

Gallery: The children and teacher from Grace Prep School excitedly participated in planting trees

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