Kos in die Karoo in Vanwyksdorp

Oct 31, 2016 | Small Projects

Kos in die Karoo is a sister project of KOS EN FYNBOS which runs in the George area.

Kos En Fynbos is a ground swell movement initiated by members of the George community in 2014. It aims at creating a community that is independent, self- sustained, creative, loving and sharing, a community that desires to improve themselves and their environment by taking the first steps in creating that change. Food, water and waste are the key elements totally interwoven in changing the environment people live in.

The launch of the KOS IN DIE KAROO took place on Friday 23rd September in a gathering of community members in Van Wyksdorp, interested in food gardens. During the presentation the core values and “spirit” of the project were explained. Four coordinators of KOS EN FYNBOS from George were able to give personal accounts of their involvement with the project and the importance of food gardens. They inspired the community to become self-sustained and to look after their environment. There was a very good turnout considering the size of the town.

Kos in die Karoo in Vanwyksdorp
(Photo: M. Vaccaro) 

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