Trans Gouritz MTB Tour 2019

May 20, 2019 | General News


The Gouritz Cluster Biosphere Reserve (GCBR) proudly presents the Trans Gouritz Mountain Bike (MTB) Tour 2019, brought to you in partnership with CSM Sport & Entertainment, and also with the Garden Route Casino Community Trust’s support of the GCBR.

This is the third year that the event is taking place in the GCBR’s domain and we are excited to be hosting 30 riders this time, an increase from 18 in 2018.

The Trans Gouritz MTB Invitational is issued by former Rugby Captain and avid Mountain Biker Corné Krige. It is an exclusive event which targets like-minded individuals to participate in an activity in South Africa’s largest Biosphere Reserve – the perfect way to commune with nature in an absolutely unique area.

It comprises:

3 Days

1 Biosphere Reserve

150 to 200 km of mountain bike riding

3 Mountain Ranges

…and is the only tour where the riders learn as they go about the natural landscape and the important work going on to conserve and restore it …

But what is a Biosphere Reserve?

Biosphere Reserves are UNESCO designated areas made up of marine, terrestrial and coastal ecosystems (including human settlements like towns and cities). Each Biosphere Reserve is responsible for promoting the sustainable use of the environment within its borders, in a manner which conserves the natural biodiversity.

It’s about promoting the harmonious existence of humans with the natural environment. The GCBR is one of 669 Biosphere Reserves throughout the world.

And who is the Gouritz Cluster Biosphere Reserve?

The GCBR is a voluntary citizens’ initiative dedicated to the conservation of its region’s biodiversity, tied to the socio-economic development for the wellbeing of its peoples.

The GCBR aims to be a catalyst for change towards solving one of sustainable development’s biggest issues: the disconnection between people and nature.

It offers a full range of action-oriented initiatives across six themes – land and landscapes; water resources; biodiversity; economic diversity and livelihoods; knowledge, learning and education; and institutions – all aimed at securing the future of our beautiful region.

Why is the GCBR involved?

With a domain of 3,187,893 hectares, in an area that is globally unique, it makes sense to expose its beauty and amazing features to interested participants. Over and above the Gouritz Biosphere Reserve being the largest biosphere in South Africa, it contains within it three of the 25 global biodiversity hotspots. It is the only place on earth where these three recognised biodiversity hot spots – the Fynbos, Succulent Karoo and Maputoland-Tongoland-Albany hot spots – converge. The entire domain falls within the Cape Floristic Region – the smallest, but one of the richest of the six floral kingdoms of the world.

Experience our Biosphere Reserve on the Trans Gouritz MTB Tour 2019!

Follow the GCBR on Facebook and Instagram and the tour Facebook and Instagram for live updates!

For more information regarding this event contact :
Alyson 083 448 8801 | Johann 073 909 6512


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