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Jul 12, 2017 | Project News

Thanks to the Garden Route Casino Conservation Trust (GRCCT), the GCBR is engaging with approximately 120 households in KwaNonqaba and 20 in D’Almeida, measuring water usage, auditing leaking/broken pipes and taps, and fixing those.

A local company, Trapsuutjies, headed by Susan Botha and Charles Basson, is utilising the funding i.a. to employ 5 people who are the “feet on the ground” of this project.

Audits were done by these workers to ascertain where household water is leaking, which leads to water waste and high water bills.  The team then moved in to fix the water leaks, which was mainly caused by leaking outside taps and toilet cistern failures.  The team was capacitated to understand the value of water as a scarce resource, and whilst auditing and fixing, they do informal awareness raising in the identified households.  Workshops to augment the water-scarce-message will be held in December 2017, and each household will receive a wonderbag as water saving mitigation tool.

All the visited households will have been audited again at the end of the project, and the data will be used to measure the success of the project.  Reading water meters will continue until March 2018, whereafter the data collected will be analysed and presented to the GRCCT and GCBR and the Mossel Bay Municipality.



 Studying the map of indigent households provided by the Municipality All systems go….


Thank you.


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