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Apr 23, 2024 | General News

The Gouritz Cluster Biosphere Reserve (GCBR) kicked off a new Environmental Awareness project at the beginning of 2024. This outreach initiative is centred around environmental education among children between the ages of 2- 13 and aims to foster increased environmental awareness and an affinity towards nature and the conservation of our planet and its many wonders.

When our project manager, Marinda van As, visited Brakfontein Primary School, to organise outreach activities with the principal she realised that this rural school, located in the coastal village of Vermaaklikheid, had a greater need than what we could assist with alone. 

Backing Brafontein Primary School

This small, well run, 87-year-old school with 52 eager young minds is facing tough times as their facility struggles to keep up with the demands of education. With a leaking roof, scarce lighting, inadequate storage space and just one gas stove to feed all the children, the dedicated staff battles against the odds to provide a clean and nurturing environment. 

Government support ensures that the basic priorities of the learners are met, however the funds are insufficient to do the necessary maintenance and improvements to the buildings. The principal, teachers and their families often give of their own resources to hold things together. 

GCBR has extended a helping hand to this beautiful community and reached out to rally some local support for Brakfontein Primary. The local community of businesses and private individuals responded and had already made some wonderful donations. The needs-list however is long and there are some expensive requirements which is why we have partnered with BackaBuddy to crowdfund for Brakfontein.  

The wishlist for Brakfontein includes electrical repairs (kids cannot learn in the dark); general repairs to roof, windows, bathroom and walls; painting (8 x 20l roof paint, 9 x 20l outdoor paint and 4 x 20l indoor paint required) and building a storeroom.

Please join us in making a difference and show these beautiful kids that people care about them! 

You can make a donation via the button below

Or you can contact us by email at  or on +27 (0) 28 050 0576 to see how you can contribute and be a part of this inspiring journey. 

Together, let’s build a brighter future for the children of Brakfontein Primary!

Watch our video below:

A look at a few of the things we wish to improve:

Visit our Environmental Awareness page to find out more about our project:

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